Cordobond Heavy Duty

Cordobond Heavy Duty
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Cordobond Heavy Duty
DESCRIPTION Cordobond Heavy Duty is comparable to Cordobond Standard, but is reinforced with carborundum for extra heavy use and repairs. USE Cordobond Heavy Duty can be used during each phase in the naval and processing industry. In combination with glass cloth or tyre it can be used for lamination, reinforcement and repairs. Cordobond Heavy Duty is resistant to water, oil, alcohol, most acids and bases and all types of pollution. Cordobond Heavy Duty adheres excellently to almost all substrates, such as steel, wood, glass ceramics and synthetic materials, with the exception of P.P. (Polypropylene) and P.E. (Polyethylene). Cordobond Heavy Duty does not conduct electricity, is not magnetic, it is corrosion proof and resistant to temperature changes. COMPOSITION Cordobond Heavy duty consists of three components, Resin and Activator and carborundum, each packaged separately. The Resin tin is partially filled so that the Activator can be added and mixed together. During mixing it is important to add small portions of carborundum. MIXTURE It is important that Cordobond Heavy Duty is mixed together well; otherwise it will not fully harden.

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